Understand Your Gout

This free course will show you the big picture of the gout problem that has been torturing you for many years. I believe you have tried all sort of conventional gout medications and you should know very well they can only help to minimize or manage the pain, they can never set you free from gout. You don’t need another new gout medicine. All you need is a new perspective to gain better understanding of gout so that you can track the root cause of the problem and get rid of it once and for all.

I will discuss about the bottleneck of current gout solutions, be it conventional gout medicines (colchicine, allopurinol etc.) or alternative home remedies such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar. You need to know the limitations of current gout treatments that you are on so that you are willing to let go of them after you have seen the big picture.

Ionized Alkaline Water

You will learn about the logical rational of using ionized alkaline water to neutralize the excess uric acid in your body. There are 2 ways of getting ionized alkaline water, either with a water ionizer or Calkaline ionic calcium. I will share with you the differences between ionized alkaline water and other types of water and teach you how to choose a reasonably good water ionizer.

Calkaline is an active ionic alkaline minerals that can turn any type of drinking water into ionized alkaline water just by adding one drop into a glass of water. It is a more affordable and effective option of getting ionized alkaline water to be used as a treatment to flush out the excess uric acid in the body. Last but not least, I will discuss about the healing process, what kind of healing crisis you should expect and how to minimize them.

Well, you can skip this course and straight away buy a unit of water ionizer or a box of Calkaline and start drinking ionized alkaline water right away. Trust me, you won’t like the pains or weird reactions of the healing crisis. Without having a clear blueprint of the progress, chances are very high that you will give up half way. The objective of this course is to serve as a guideline and lay out the road map for you to set yourself free from gout forever.

Mindset matters. Every obese person knows exercise can help to lose weight, but how many of them succeed in achieving that? This course is the coach that can help you win the battle with gout. I will be there to assist you should you encounter any challenges or have any doubt or question.

Warm regards,
Hemen Ee


Why Doctors Have Failed to Get Rid of Your Gout?


Introduction - How Does Gout Form? Here Is The BIG Picture...

Truth 1: How Does Uric Acid Form In The Body?

Truth 2: How to Lower Uric Acid Fast? The GOUT Black Box Theory...

Truth 3: How Does Allopurinol Work? And The SIDE EFFECTS of It...

Truth 4: Home Remedies for GOUT and Its Effectiveness

Truth 5: Gout Attack Treatment - Drink The RIGHT Water

Truth 6: Alkaline Water For Gout - Understanding IONIZED Water

Truth 7: The ULTIMATE Cure for Gout - Calkaline Water

Truth 8: Want to Get Rid of Gout Fast? Go through Healing Crisis FIRST!

Truth 9: How to Prevent Gout - Balancing the pH



Calkaline Ionic Calcium


Why Doctors Have Failed to Get Rid of Your Gout?