Why Doctors Have Failed to Get Rid of Your Gout?

Now, think about this: It only took days (or maybe hours or even instantly) for your meds to remove the pain. But, why is it taking months, years and literally eternity for those meds to remove gout once and for all? Because sadly, they are not designed to do so. You can take allopurinol until your skin peels off (yes it is a side effect of allopurinol) but it will never cure your gout.

Put simply, this meds are designed neither to cure gout nor flush the uric acid out but to mask the pain and inflammation. Some are designed to delay the production of uric acid (such as the allopurinol), but sooner or later the delayed uric acid will emerge with a vengeance.

Here is the good news though: There is a way to halt (not pause) your gout. You do not have to suffer the side effect.

“The pain subsided when I took colchicine. It treats gout!”

“Allopurinol lowered my uric acid!”

Unfortunately, it is not that way.

The following article is the excerpt from a very unique book that is sold at the price of $29.97. As a matter of fact, the true value of the information contained in this book is priceless. This is especially true for those who had been suffering from gout for a very long time. If you’ve been troubled by the notorious gout pain for years and wonder how you can free yourself from it, read on, you will discover the real truth of gout and how to get rid of it once and for all.

Allopurinol And Febuxostat Does Not Flush Uric Acid Away

Allopurinol and febuxostat are xanthine oxidase inhibitors. Ever been fascinated how they magically lower uric acid? The trick here is it they suppress xanthine oxidase. Ooops. Don’t stop right there! This is no rocket science. We’re just a few paragraphs away from the solution.

When you eat food, certain amount of purine, depending on the food, will go to your body. Eat fruits, there’s purine. Eat vegetables, there’s purine. Eat meat, there’s lots of purine. Drink beer and there’s tons of purine! This purine is used by the body to manufacture nucleotides for the DNA, but excess purine will have to be flushed out. Unfortunately, purine can not be flushed out as purine. Xanthine oxidase will react with purine to break it down into uric acid.

Now, if allopurinol suppresses the breakdown of purine, what do you think will happen? It is good that uric acid will not be produced but purine will not be flushed out. Where do you think the excess purine will go? It will definitely not disappear into nothingness. They will simply get stuck in your body until they can be flushed out, but how will they be flushed out if you keep on taking those meds? Those meds are good enough at first, but they will definitely wreak havoc in the long run. You will also definitely dislike the side effects of xanthine oxidase inhibitors. For instance, Toxic-Epidermal necrolysis will cause your skin to detach. As time progresses, it can even damage your organs. This will be a long and painful demise. So why choose such a path, if an alternative is available?

Colchicine is a Poison. Not a Cure for Gout

You think allopurinol is bad enough? Wait until you read about Colchicine.

Colchicine is literally a poison. It is not designed to cure gout, but to mask the inflammation. It covers your eyes so you won’t see there is something wrong, eventhough that “something wrong” is actually the worst of its kind. It is good that Colchicine stops the pain and inflammation, but did it flush the uric acid out? Sadly, it is a big big NO.

So how does Colchicine trick you? It is a mitotic inhibitor. This means it suppresses mitosis. So what is this mitosis?

Mitosis, put simply, is the reproduction of the cells in your body through cell division. It has been happening in your body ever since the day you won the “great race” to the precious egg cell. You grew on your mother’s womb, not because your cells grew in size but because they increased in number. Mitosis is a very critical process back then, right up to this point.

Without mitosis, your wounds will not close. Without mitosis, your immune system will be down. Without mitosis, your damaged organs will not be repaired, which is very bad because organs are damaged everyday. Without mitosis, your cells can not be replaced. Cells have a limited life span, so without mitosis, cells drop to unhealthy counts.

By suppressing mitosis the count of your neutrophils drop. When this count drops, your body will not be able to put up a fight against foreign bodies, which explains why colchicine relieves pain and inflammation.

Colchicine also maims the cytoskeleton of your neutrophils, so your resistance to invading bodies lowers even more. The downside is, your body’s immune system is affected as a whole.

So if you are fine with getting pain relief in exchange of losing hair, getting impotent, getting sickly and eventually dying, go on and take Colchicine. But if you are interested in saving yourself both from the suffering caused by gout and the medications you take to manage it, go on. Read on.

The Alternative (But more Effective) Solution

So what is the common denominator of the meds? They all failed to remove the uric acid, which is in the first place, the root cause of your problem. No matter how you cut the stray weed, it will keep on growing back as long as the root is there. Therefore, we should focus on the root. We should focus in the uric acid.

Yes. It is the uric acid that is the sole cause of your suffering. It is not genetics. It is not the age. It is not the hormonal imbalance. It is uric acid.

Now, to defeat the enemy we should know them. Let us get to know how gout begins.

The Beginning of Gout

Most likely, you already know that gout is caused by the crystallization of uric acid in the joints. But, isn’t it ironic that gout happens despite the fact that your body is designed to effectively flush excess uric acid out?

Imagine these two scenarios:

Scenario 1

Factory X (the excretory system) can produce 100 boxes of products (excreted uric acid) a day. Everyday the factory receives raw materials (unprocessed uric acid) for 200 boxes of products. Since 200-100 = 100, there will be an excess 100 raw materials everyday. It will be stored to warehouses. If a warehouse only has a capacity of 500 boxes, it will only take five days for it to be full! What will happen if it is full? The factory staff will find ways to store the excess materials. They will store it in places not designed to store. In the case of our body, it is the synovial fluids found in the ball-and-socket joints such as the knee, ankle and wrist.

Scenario 2

Factory Y can produce 100 boxes a day. Everyday, the factory receives 110 raw materials, almost exactly the amount it can process. Unfortunately, the 500 box capacity warehouse have already 490 box of other materials! Hence, a few excess material can make it full and the excess materials will be stored to other places.

In scenario 2, the “other materials” are already existing acids (such as carbonic acid, lactic acid, etc.) in our body. Our body have complex mechanisms that tries their best to maintain the conditions in our body in its ideal state. One such mechanism is our regulation of our blood’s pH (acidity) level. If our blood’s acidity is excessive, these mechanisms will employ tricks to reduce the “visible” acid in our blood. One such trick is to store excess acids in our interstitial fluids (cellular fluids), which makes it almost full even if you are not taking excessive uric acid! And once it is full, uric acid is slowly pushed to the normally sterile synovial joints. Whether you indulge yourself with purine or not, you will likely suffer from gout if your blood is already acidic. Just imagine you combine the situations both factory suffered. You indulge yourself and your blood is already acidic. Just imagine the risk! Not practical right? In fact the scenarios portrayed will not be encountered in real life factories because it is not strategic.

The Big Picture 

To demystify gout, we must look at the problem beyond the painful big toe. We have to see through it by understanding the problem from inside out, which is at the cellular level. That’s why I have to explain some basic cellular biology here to help you understand how ionized alkaline water actually works in flushing the unwanted uric acid from your body.

The human body always works to maintain a blood pH of 7.4, which is mildly alkaline. When there are too many acidic chemicals in the blood as a result of an acidic diet or emotional stress, the body triggers a series of homeostatic reactions to raise the blood pH to its optimum level. One mechanism used by the blood is to move the excess acidic compounds, such as uric acid, out of the bloodstream.

Interstitial Fluid

Interstitial fluid (or tissue fluid) is a solution that bathes and surrounds the cells of multicellular animals. It is the main component of the extracellular fluid, which also includes plasma and transcellular fluid. The interstitial fluid is found in the interstitial spaces, also known as the tissue spaces.

The direct deposit site of uric acids is the interstitial fluid between the capillaries and cells. Initially, interstitial fluid is just like a temporary storage site for any excess acids until the blood pH is back to normal and can slowly transport those uric acids to the kidneys for removal through urine. But if you continuously eat acidic food (not only high-purine food) and drink acidic drinks (high sugar and carbonated), there is no chance for your body to get rid of those “refugee” acids in the interstitial fluid.

When the acid content of interstitial fluid climbs higher, it forces some acid to seep further and deeper until it reaches the synovial fluid in the joints. Eventually, when the concentration of uric acid in the joint reaches the saturation point, it crystallizes and forms needle-like monosodium urate crystals.

(Read more on The Gout Black Box Reaction in the book.)

Understanding the Solution

Now that we already know the mechanism of gout, we can now deduce how we will defeat gout.

Recall what made the second factory get full easier. It is the already existing acids prior to the arrival of uric acid. Hence, if we are to fight gout, we should focus not only on eliminating uric acid, but other acids as well. We should eliminate acidosis.

Now I need you to have an open mind. This is not a conventional approach, but come to think of it: the conventional approach did not work, so we definitely need a paradigm shift.

Let us go back to basic chemistry:

What neutralizes acids? Of course, alkaline. There are no other vessels that will be able to circulate in the body but water, so what you should do is drink alkaline water.

I know it is hard to believe that it is hard to believe that simply choosing the right kind of water can cure gout, but as I said earlier we should have a paradigm shift.

So now, what should we do to get alkaline water? You can either purchase a water ionizer which is very expensive (at least $1,000) , or try ionic calcium, such as Calkaline, which is much cheaper, more effective and does not require use for your whole life. You can stop using it after you cure your gout, but surely after you experience the benefits accompanying it, you wouldn’t want to stop.

Calkaline is a concentrated ionic alkaline minerals extracted from oyster shell, seaweed, pearl, and stalactit. These materials are reduced to a size of 10 ~ 30 nanometer with modern nanotechnology. The fine powder of raw materials is then go through a patented high temperature electrolysis process to extract unwanted acidic compounds such as carbonate, sulphate, nitrate, etc. The end product is a combination of pure and very active ionized alkaline minerals.

(Calkaline Water Therapy)

Adding one droplet of Calkaline powder into a glass of normal drinking water will instantly turns it into a glass of ionized alkaline water with pH of at least 10 and ORP value of more than -500 mV. Calkaline water has the exact same properties of the common ionized alkaline water produced by the water ionizer.

How Does Ionized Alkaline Water Reverses Hyperuricemia?

Remember the factory scenario earlier? Here is the complete pathway of the uric acid. You should understand it to know how ionized alkaline water reverses gout.

The excess uric acid is the direct result of your diet habits over the years. The high-purine, protein-rich foods you have eaten have increased the uric acid in the blood plasma, which seeps into the interstitial fluid before ending up being stored in the synovial fluid.

It took years for those acidic wastes to seep all the way deep into the synovial fluids of the joints in your body. Ionized alkaline water has to follow the same pathway to track down those acidic compounds and neutralize them.


The good news is that it is going to take a much shorter time for ionized alkaline water to reverse the process, thanks to the small molecule cluster and actively charged properties of this active water. This enhanced permeability circulates all around the body to bring in the alkalizing minerals and carry out those neutralized wastes.

In my experience with thousands of gout patients, most of them have experienced obvious and healthy reductions in their blood-borne uric acid level after drinking ionized alkaline water for just one month!

But wait! Don’t get too excited right away. The damages that those harmful acidic oxidative wastes have done to your body could have reached deep into the joints. Getting rid of the uric acid in the blood can be very fast and direct, but to actually remove the root of the problem (urate crystals in the joints) is going to take some time.

Maybe your blood uric acid level will return to normal healthy level in just a few months with the help of ionized alkaline water. But do not take things for granted and start eating and drinking like nobody’s business. You will have to continue your ionized alkaline water drinking habit as long as you want to clear your body from those toxic wastes and maintain an optimum state of health. This should allow you to continue to enjoy everyday life.


Do not expect a glass or two of ionized alkaline water to take away your gout pain instantly. If you are currently suffering from a gout attack, you will have to take colchicine or painkillers to manage the pain.

This process takes time. It has taken 10 or years or longer for those acids to accumulate to the toxic level they possess today. Therefore, you should give yourself at least one or two years to clear them all out with the help of ionized alkaline water.

Why You Should Get Rid of your Gout NOW, Once and For All

Since gout is a result of too much acids in your blood, it can be accompanied by other degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer. Actually, acidosis is the prime cause of many such disease. In short, you have to flush your acids out before they begin to take their toll, which begins when the blood thickens.

Acidosis and Thick Blood

If you look at a gout patient’s freshly drawn blood, you will notice almost all of these patients have thick blood, dark in color with high viscosity. If you observe the blood under darkfield microscopy, you will notice the red blood cells are stacking up in clusters.

With thick blood, the red blood cells cannot carry as much oxygen as is possible; they cannot bring fresh oxygen to the muscles, to the lungs, or any other parts of the body, especially the brain. We need a fast and sufficient supply of oxygen to the brain so we can think clearly and concisely.

Thick blood is a condition that creeps up on us over a long period. It can slowly disturb our quality of life if the situation is ignored.

What Are the Consequences?

A person having thick blood can get an array of seemingly unrelated symptoms that will send the doctors scratching their heads.

Here are some of those symptoms:

  • Skin disorders—such as red patches, itchiness, acne, and dryness and flaking—sometimes misdiagnosed as eczema or dermatitis: This thick blood is not efficient in carrying toxins to the liver or kidneys for disposal. This has forced the body to go for the next available eliminative organ: the skin. Our skin is the largest organ, in terms of surface area, and has millions of pores or openings. Our body is constantly eliminating excess water, toxins, and heat via those pores on the skin. When the kidneys and liver fail to take the load off the laboring red blood cells, they have no choice but to dump their load on the next available channel, which is the skin. This is why the skin gets dry, itchy, flaking, red, or swollen—to help cleanse the blood so it can continue doing its work.
  • Migraines or headaches: The brain does not receive enough oxygen from the blood when it is submerged in an environment full of toxic waste that cannot be transported out for disposal. Frequently a headache for no obvious reason is the signal that your brain is shouting for help. As long as the blood is not cleaned up, you will always have headaches that come and go. When your blood cannot carry sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells, they become tired, and the ability to spark signals drops. The result is lapses of memory, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration, which will eventually affect the quality of your daily life.
  • Fever or high body temperature that comes and goes: A fever is one of the body’s immune responses that attempts to neutralize a bacterial or viral infection. However, if your blood is too thick, certain toxic wastes become concentrated and mimic foreign substances. When the immune “police” spot these toxins, they raise the temperature a degree or so as an attempt to burn out these waste toxins. The typical medical doctor assumes that you have a virus or a bacterial infection and prescribes a universal weapon for you: antibiotics. This kind of fever shows up from time to time with no periodic cycle evident. After about two or three trips to the doctor, the doctor may draw some blood from you to see what monsters are hiding inside your body. Guess what he will find out next.
  • High white blood cell count: If your lab reports come back with a high white blood cell count—even after antibiotics—consider the possibility that it is an autoimmune reaction where the body tries to kill off those toxins. When that happens, there is an elevated or higher white blood cell count, which the doctors verify as bacteria or a virus still active and in your body. There have been some cases where the white blood count was so high that the condition was diagnosed as preleukemic.
  • Various forms of unknown allergic reactions: A high concentration of toxic compounds in the body can force the immune system into a major reaction. After several years, it goes haywire, becoming weak and suppressed or overly sensitive. As the immune system begins to turn upside down, you suddenly become allergic to something in your environment. Allergies are signals that your immune system is wearing down and will eventually leave you open to all kinds of problems later, such as more frequent flu or other deadly forms of bacteria and viruses. Your main line of defense has been stripped of its protective powers and is leaving you wide open to all these other risks.
  • Hypertension, diabetes and other degenerative diseases: Acidity is the presence of hydrogen atoms. The presence of too much acids means the presence of too much free radicals. Too much free radicals means the destruction of your body. For instance, they can ruin the cell walls thus causing insulin resistance which in turn causes diabetes. Acidic environment will also be a breeding ground for cancer cells which will be hard for your body to fight because of the lack of supply of oxygen.

After knowing all the consequences of having a thick blood, the next question is …

What Causes the Blood to Become Thick?

Every cell in the body has an electrical potential, especially on the surface of its membrane. It is this electrical energy that differentiates life from death. The electrical potential, also known as zeta potential, ranges from 70 to 90 millivolts in a healthy human cell.

Zeta potential is a measure of the electrical force that exists between atoms, molecules, particles, and cells in a fluid. Zeta potential’s strength determines the amount of material (nutrients or wastes) that fluids, such as blood and lymph, can carry. Increasing the electrical force in the solution allows the fluid to dissolve and hold more material. In this way, more nutrients can be carried throughout your body and accumulated deposits of waste can be removed.

A high zeta potential is the ability of a molecule to hold an electrical charge. Zeta potential is the force that maintains the discreteness of each cell in our body. As we age or become ill, our zeta potential drops, along with our energy. If you find it difficult to get out of bed, exercise, or maintain self-motivation, don’t blame it on your psychological state. It could be due to the low zeta potential at the cell level.



Healthy red blood cells are fully charged with negative ions on the membrane surface. Under normal conditions, it is hard for two or more red blood cells to get near each other because negative charges repel each other. In the case of blood, more negative ions means higher zeta potential.

If there is too much uric acid in the blood, a lot of positively charged hydrogen ions float around in the blood plasma. These positively charged ions neutralize the negative charges on the red blood cells. Eventually, this leads to a drop of zeta potential in the blood. When the zeta potential is too low, blood begins to coagulate. This condition is known as intravascular coagulation. Blood becomes a sludge, which I call “thick blood,” that is increasingly difficult for the heart to pump, and it becomes ineffective performing the normal blood functions.

Gout Is Just the Beginning…

Gout is just one of the ways your body calls for help; it is one of the earliest warning signs that your body is heading toward acidosis. Just like a house full of dirty rubbish, pests (mice and cockroaches) will keep coming in no matter how hard you try to eliminate them. It is a never-ending process. My advice: stop wasting time and money trying to kill those nasty pests. Focus on cleaning house instead and throwing away all the rubbish. When it is clean and tidy, mice and cockroaches and other pests gradually go away because that is no longer the environment they seek. Cleaning house might appear harder than setting traps for mice and bugs, but which one do you prefer? Setting up traps every day or cleaning house once and for all?

The same concept applies to your body. There is no instant cure for anything. You didn’t get gout today or yesterday; your gouty enemy began forming many years back and started to attack only recently. So, don’t expect there to be an instant cure for a disease 10 years in the making. Those meds you take are just a smoke screen that masks your pain and symptoms, which makes you think that the illness is cured. Sadly, the effectiveness of the meds is just temporary. Soon you will have another round of gout attacks.

Pharmaceutical drugs and medicines cannot cure modern illnesses, and they gradually pollute your body’s internal environment, eventually leading to other diseases. By now, you should know why you still suffer from gout symptoms no matter how much colchicine, allopurinol, and painkiller you take.

Most of us know the benefits of detoxification, but knowing without practicing is as good as nothing. It requires strong personal strength and self-discipline to achieve it. You are what you eat and drink. Your lifestyle determines the internal living condition for your body’s cells. If you always consume acidic food and drinks, the cells in your body will be surrounded by the same thing too.

Gout is a habitual disease. It sprouted from some of your habits, especially your daily diet.

I know it is hard to change a habit, so take it one step at a time. I believe that with a clear understanding on the origin of gout, you’ll have a better understanding of how to balance your diet. Remember to always keep the balance. Great food is one of the pleasures of life, so enjoy it. But always know the limits. A simple principle I practice to stay healthy at all time is this: If yesterday’s diet was high in acidic protein and meat, then today must be an alkaline-vegetarian type of day to balance it. Try it. Don’t forget the most important element of detoxification. Drink plenty of good water, preferably ionized alkaline water, frequently during the day.

Forget about the “eight glasses of water a day” saying. That can be very confusing and misleading. The glasses in your kitchen are probably a different size from those in your neighbor’s cabinet. So, how about two liters a day? What about three?

How much water to drink a day differs from person to person and depends on one’s daily activities. A rule of thumb is to drink at least 5% of your body weight (in metric units). Take me as an example: My weight is around 70 kilograms. I drink at least three and a half liters of ionized alkaline water in a day.

The 5% Rule

Take in at least 5% of your body weight (in metric units) of ionized alkaline water daily.

I know for some of you, drinking three and a half liters of water in a day might sound ridiculous, if not crazy. And I’m very sure at least 90% of you reading this are heavier than I am, which means you might need to drink up to five liters of water per day, according to the 5% rule. Your doctor is going to tell you, “This guy is a nut job.”

Tell me, who is the bigger nut: someone who gives you advice and meds proven not to cure disease or me? Big Pharma would have been out of business a long time ago if their meds cured anything. You wouldn’t be reading this e-book if those prescriptions worked.

Here is the logic of my 5% rule. Trace back the history of human evolution billions of years, and all living things on earth originated from a single cell formed in the sea of water. The human body is a very complex combination of one hundred trillion (100,000,000,000,000) living cells. These cells exist in a sea of interstitial body fluids just like an enclosed sea where they get their food supply. Blood capillaries act as the tiny rivers that supply the nutrients to this huge internal sea of cells.

Now imagine an aquarium with 100 fish inside. More fish means more waste will be produced. Guess how long it takes for the tank of clear water to turn dirty and murky. Less than three days. You have to either change the water or kiss the fish good-bye. So, you install a pump system to recycle and filter out the waste made by the fish. Then, once a week, you need to change the filter sponges and flush the line out so the pump system operates smoothly.

Now imagine one hundred trillion fish cramped in a relatively small tank. Our body has a built-in recycling system that pumps very hard to filter out those toxic wastes. But we cannot change out the filtering sponges in our body (kidneys) to scrub or rinse them. The only way to clean them is to flush our system with water and excrete urine. The same principle applies to another filtering organ: the skin.


Watch out for water poisoning! Never gulp down more than one liter of water—especially pure water, such as reversed osmosis water and distilled water—within minutes. Too much pure water will dilute the electrolytes in your body, which could result in seizures, brain damage, coma, or even death!

The best drinking water practice is a moderate amount with high frequency, such as 500 milliliters every hour or so. If you are not a water- drinking person, chances are high that your kidneys have grown lazy. So, allow some time for their muscles to gradually remember this flushing job. If you seldom run or exercise and then, out of the blue, run a 10K race, guess how you will feel the next day. I doubt if you would be able get out of bed. You see, those muscles had grown lazy too. Get it?

If 5% of your weight is a bit too much for you, you can cut it down to 3% for a start. What is important is that you have to work out your number so that you have something to aim for, achieve, and then stick to.


If you have a weak kidney or any other kidney illness. DO NOT practice the 5% rule.


Gout Is Curable

Conventional medicine does not have the technology to get rid of the deposited urate crystals. Medicine can only use drugs to suppress the formation of new urate crystals and manage the pain. Doctors are taught that gout is incurable, and the doctors pass the same message to their patients as well. It’s very sad and depressing to be told by a doctor that you have an incurable disease and have to depend on medications for the rest of your life.

The truth is that gout is not just a painful problem in your foot. It is actually a warning sign that your body is suffering from metabolic disorders that affect many aspect of your life. After interviewing hundreds of gout patients, I discovered that they actually share many other common health complications on top of the painful swollen joints. I’ve arranged these symptoms in chronological order and summarized them into the nine stages of gout.

Gout Is 100% Predictable…

Which Stage of Gout Are You In Now?

Stage 1: Your blood is thick and dark because of the high uric acid concentration.

Stage 2: You frequently feel tired and sleepy because of the slow flowing blood.

Stage 3: There is significant drop in the level of your sexual desire and performance.

Stage 4: Gout begins to attack your lower joints, especially big toe which causes intense pain and swelling.

Stage 5: The gout attacks starting to “climb up” to the upper joints such as your hands and elbows.

Stage 6: Urate crystals causes permanent physical damages to the cartilage of smaller joints such as your fingers which makes them unbendable.

Stage 7: Tophi starting form near the skin surface,most of the time it begins near the ear lobes.

Stage 8: Kidneys function degenerates and formation of kidney stones. If left untreated, it will eventually leads to kidney failure.

Stage 9: Final Stage?

If Gout Is Predictable, There Must Be A Pattern Or Root Which Can Be Tracked Down To.

This Means… Gout Is Curable!!!

Earlier You Take Action, Sooner It Will Be Cured. Just Don’t Delay Until The Final Stage, For That Will Be Too Late…

Gout Is Not a Complicated Problem

Treating Gout is VERY SIMPLE! If you understand The Root of it. And there is only one cause of gout, ONLY ONE! Which is… URIC ACID! Pain in the joints or muscles suffered by Gout patients are because of the crystallization of uric acid that formed inside the synovial fluid in the joints. These tiny needle-like crystals (monosodium urate) scratch the surface of hyaline cartilage and triggers a series of auto-immune reactions and pains which is commonly known as Gout Attack!

High Uric Acid in your body is a direct result of what you put into your mouth through out the years. We are surrounded by acidic food everywhere! High protein, high carbohydrate, processed food and carbonated drinks are all Acidic!

Not only the food you eat but your lifestyle can cause your body to produce more acids. Those who are living Acidic Lifestyle are those who lack sleep, overwork, and are always under stress. If you fit into any of the criteria above, go for a blood test NOW! Chances are that the Uric Acid reading of your blood is either on the high side or already way above the healthy range.

You might have heard people say that gout is not merely caused by hyperuricemia; it could also be caused by old age, hormonal changes, and genetic inheritance.

Old Age? The youngest gout sufferer I know is only 19 years old! More than 50% of the gout patients that call my office to seek help are in their 20s or 30s. Most of the time, it is the wives of these young gout victims who have called for help because she feels sad to see her husband going through the torturing pain. It is just too young for a healthy man to have a notorious disease like gout that robs away the happiness of the family.

Hormonal changes? More than 90% of gout patients are adult males in their mid-30s and older. Isn’t that is a bit too early for them to go through hormonal changes? By the way, men do actually go through menopause, I mean male menopause. As far as I know, a man goes through significant hormone change only he is sexually aroused. Thus the theory suggesting gout is caused by hormone imbalance is rather absurd.

Genetic inheritance? This popular explanation is given by the medical professionals when they cannot explain why a father and son are suffering the same disease. To date, there is still little research that shows scientists have found the gene related to the regulation of uric acid levels. Many hundreds of years ago, gout occurred only among the small genetic pool of rich people. If the genetic inheritance theory of gout is true, why are there so many people suffering from gout nowadays? Don’t tell me the rich and famous in those days had fathered so many babies that they eventually grow to become the gout-prone generation we see now.

Ironically, many of the gout patients now are of lower income or poor groups who find it hard to continuously pay for the gout medication that is getting more and more expensive.

I have come across so many cases in which almost all the adult males in a family suffer from gout. That has made me wonder what is the missing link. It was after many conversations with the gout patients that I’ve finally found the answer that explains why gout shows the trend of inheritance.

If we forget about the aspect of DNA or genetics, gout is actually a hereditary disease. But it is not genetically related. I call that a “diet lifestyle heredity.” Since the day a baby boy is born, chances are very high that he will copy the diet habits of his parents. He will favor what his father favors. If the father loves high-purine food—such as red meat (think weekend family BBQs), peas, and beans—for sure the loving dad will share the delicious food with his beloved son. And that is when the seed of gout is planted. This leads us back to the one and only root of gout: high levels of uric acid.

There is only one cause of gout, only one: uric acid.

How to Neutralize The Uric Acid In The Body?

The answer is very straight forward and simple… Alkaline Water. Actually, the right term to use is Ionized Alkaline Water. The simple law of chemistry states that the only thing that can neutralize acid is ALKALINE! The logic is so simple until the smart scientists or doctors chose to ignore it. There are 2 ways to obtain ionized alkaline water of high pH. You can either install a unit of alkaline water ionizer to process the water the tap to become alkaline or you can choose to use active natural mineral such as Calkaline to alkalize your daily drinking water.


Calkaline is neither a supplement nor a chemical medicine, it is just an alternative way to produce ionized alkaline water which has richer concentration of ionic calcium compared to the conventional alkaline water produced by an electronic device known as water ionizer. It’s the rich ionic calcium that makes all the differences.

Anyone with existing health problems will experience some healing crises during the early phase of consuming Calkaline water. Depending on what kind of problems you were having, your healing crisis will be different from others. The intensity and duration of healing crisis vary from person to person.

Healing Crisis is a stage you MUST go through if you want to experince the positive outcomes that Calkaline can bring. Some healing crises can be very severe and that will definitely cause the rise of doubts and fears. You need someone to guide you along the way, to clear your doubts and reinforce your confidence to persevere through the healing crisis.

Healing Crisis Management

When you drink Calkaline water for the first time, chances are that you will go through some healing crisis. Different gout patients show different signs of this healing crisis. Here are the explanations for the five most common healing crises that many gout patients experience.

Joint Pains

The most common initial reaction felt by many gout patients during their first few days of drinking ionized alkaline water is joint pain. Some even have complained to me that the pain is even worse than a gout attack!

Whenever your body detects any free-floating urate crystal, it alarms the immune system to react to it. The occurrence of urate crystal is caused by the increase in uric acid concentration, which leads to the formation of new urate crystal. Every gout attack means that new urate crystals have formed. The inflammation cannot remove the urate crystal because it is not organic matter, such as bacteria, that can be eaten by the white blood cells. These urate crystals have deposited within the joint. Have your ever experienced gout attack after you had played intense sports that involve a lot of jumping or kicking? The strong vibrations during the game had stirred up some old urate crystals.

The same process happens if you drink too much strong ionized alkaline water within a short time. Sudden introduction of ionized water with very high alkalinity shocks the body’s biochemical equilibrium and chemically awakens the old deposited urate crystals, which leads to gout- like attack.

Don’t worry; you can prevent this painful healing crisis by following the methods or dosage of ionized alkaline water discussed in the Quick Start Guide.

Sore Muscles

As the ionized alkaline water dissolves and “pull” the uric acid out from the joints, it will cause the increase of acidic toxins concentration around the muscle tissues. These acidic compounds disturb the equilibrium of electrolytes of muscle tissue and cause soreness or pain.

You can minimize the muscle soreness by doing some stretching exercise such as yoga or gently tap on the sore area to squeeze away the acidic fluid in the muscles layers. Take note, STRETCHING exercise, not tiring ones. Over-exercise can cause lactate (lactic ACID) build up. Remember, acids are your archenemies for now. You can also apply a hot pouch on the sore area to improve the blood flow around there. DO NOT apply ice pack! That will cause the uric acid to crystalize around the muscle tissues and it can worsen the situation.

Upset Stomach

Your digestive tract is filled with hundreds of types of bacteria. Some are good symbiotic bacteria that help your digestion, whereas others are bad parasites that steal nutrients from your daily diet.

Good bacteria in the small intestine prosper under an alkaline environment, whereas parasitic bacteria love acidic surroundings. One simple way (not an expensive colonoscopy) to know which type of bacteria is more common in your gastrointestinal tract is to note the odor of the gas that you pass (flatulence). If it occurs frequently and has an unbearable stench, then you have an acidic intestinal environment that promotes the growth of unhealthy parasites.

At the beginning of your ionized alkaline water therapy, your digestive tract is the first contact point with the water. The sudden change of pH will disturb the lifestyle of those filthy bacteria or fungi, and there will be a miniwar between the good and bad bacteria, which results in stomachache or possible diarrhea.

You should not worry about that. The discomfort will go away in a day or two; the longest I know of lasted about one week. Eventually, the number of bad bacteria will decrease to a minimum, and you will notice there is less or no more unpleasant odor in the “wind that breaks out.”

Rise in Body Heat or Fever

In some cases, people feel their body temperature rise, and it seems as though they have a mild fever during the first few days of their ionized alkaline water regimen. Again, my experience has shown this is a fairly common symptom, typically found among those with very acidic intestinal tracts.

Most of the biochemical reactions inside your body are exothermic (chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of heat). This is what keeps your body temperature at 37°C (98.6 °F).

For the first few days of ionized alkaline water therapy, you might feel as though you are experiencing a fever. You sweat easily and frequently even when you are sleeping. Don’t panic and run to the kitchen to swallow your usual fever pills. This rise in body temperature happens because the neutralization process between alkaline and acidic minerals is very exothermic; it releases a lot heat. You will feel much better over time as your body readjusts its metabolic rate to accommodate the neutralization process. Keep on drinking ionized alkaline water frequently to replenish the water lost through your breath and sweat.

Skin Rash

If you have been taking allopurinol for some time, do expect the appearance of skin rash over your body after you begin drinking Calkaline water. As mentioned before, allopurinol tricks the body by suppressing the conversion of purine into uric acid. This causes the purine build-up in the liver, which eventually goes back into the blood stream to look for alternative channel such as the skin to be disposed of from the body.

If you seldom sweat, chances are that there are plenty of purines stuck underneath your skin layers for a very long time. As you begin to consume Calkaline water, which has smaller molecule clusters that improves the permeability of body fluids and that will increase the sweat rate of your body. Suddenly, the purines and toxins underneath your skin are awakened and rush towards the skin surface. This sudden occurrence of high concentration of toxins on the skin surface triggers the immune reaction that causes skin rash.

The skin rash can last for days or even weeks. If you want to speed things up, you can try going to sauna or soak yourself in warm bath as often as you can to expand and cleanse the pores on your skin that could have trapped some acidic toxin within it.

These 5 healing crises are the most common among the gout patients, but if have hypertension or diabetes, you may also experience some dizziness during the first few days of drinking Calkaline water. There are many other healing crises such as hair fall, constipation, fatigue, etc. Feel free to write to me if you feel worry or uncertain about the healing crisis you experience after you start drinking Calkaline water.

Calkaline Ionic Calcium

About Me

This article is neither fiction nor scientific. I am writing this to share my rather unconventional understanding of gout based on my experience with thousands of gout patients. I would like to clarify that I’m not a doctor or any medical professional. The information shared in this book is for the purpose of enriching your understanding of gout from a different perspective.

I do not have high uric acid and have never experienced any gout attack at all. It was a rather adventurous journey of how I ended up becoming a “gout expert” to the extent that some of myclients regard me as more “doctor” than the doctorswho failed to solve their gout miseries.

It all started in 2008 when I first discovered Calkaline, which is an activated alkaline minerals that can turn any ordinary drinking water to become ionized alkaline water that can effectively neutralize and flush away the accumulated acidic waste in the body.

Realizing the great potential of Calkaline as a more effective and economical alternative to the expensive water ionizer machines, I partnered with the Taiwanese company to help market this great product to those who urgently in need of an affordable way to get strong ionized alkaline water to treat diseases that is caused by acidosis in the body.

Instead of focusing on selling the technical features of Calkaline, I was more intrigued by what kind of modern diseases could be cured by drinking Calkaline water. I read many books about the importance of body pH and how acidosis has led to the onset of a global epidemic of health crises. Out of so many modern diseases, gout caught my attention because my then 60-year-old father was suffering from it. His blood uric acid level was above healthy range for many years, and he was complaining about having joint pains whenever he ate too much meat or drank too much beer.

I did some research online and realized that gout is actually not really as complicated as many people think it is. It is a condition where the excess uric acid in the body reaches the saturation point and crystalizes near the joints. The body perceives these fine urate crystals as foreign invaders and alerts the body’s immune system to trigger the very painful gouty inflammation.

Once I got the picture clear, my simple logical, scientific mind concluded that Calkaline water could definitely help my dad lower his uric acid level and eventually stop the painful gout attacks once and for all. Simple science explains it all. The pain is triggered by the urate crystals. The crystals are from the excess uric acid. The only thing on earth than can neutralize acid is alkaline.

A few months after he started to drink Calkaline water (at least 1.5 Liters per day) on daily basis, my father went for his yearly body checkup. The blood test report showed that his blood uric acid level was back to the healthy range. This has convinced me that ionized alkaline water is very effective in reducing the blood uric acid level and preventing gout attacks.

My dad’s blood test result in 2005 before drinking Calkaline Water.
My dad’s blood test result 3 months after drinking Calkaline Water. His attacks gradually reduced to zero and he is back on his high protein and beer diet, but he continues to drink Calkaline Water everyday until today.
My dad’s blood test result in 2009. Uric Acid: 0.34 mmol/L.
My dad’s blood test result in 2009. Uric Acid: 0.30 mmol/L.
My dad’s blood test result in 2009. Uric Acid: 0.29 mmol/L. He still drink beer and eat a lot of meat. Well, he is 70 year-old man with strong personality, it’s very hard to convince him to start a healthy diet. His favorite motto of life is… “I eat, I will die someday. I don’t eat, I still will die someday. I might as well enjoy the good foods.”

Now you’ve seen the big picture and understand the logic behind using ionized alkaline water as a treatment to cure gout forever. The next step is to take action. You can listen to me talk until the cow comes home, but that won’t bring any changes to your deteriorating gout condition. Just order a box of Calkaline and experience the healing crisis and the improvement after that. One box of Calkaline cost USD $197 for the supply of 6 months. I know you have spent thousands dollars over the past few years in search of the ultimate cure of gout. Take this as your last gamble, I guarantee you will win, as long as you drink Calkaline water as advised.

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